What is Write ‘n’ Heal about?

If you take a moment, sit down, and think of all the people around us, you will notice that unfortunately most of us have struggles. You would argue, that this is normal and what life is about. Sure, it is. I beg you to look a little more closely.

The struggles are on the rise, the speed of life has gone into turbo-boost mode and yet we are not allowed to express, we are not allowed to take a moment for ourselves, to talk, we simply live everyday.

Write ‘n’ Heal believes that words can help us bear life with a little more ease. We do not offer treatments, therapies, or sure shot healing for any ailment which you may have, we offer the freedom to express. You share, others share with you and the best part is, you can do this anonymously! You might not be able to share how you feel to the people around you, you might not be a poet or a writer, but you can share still. We will accept.

Just a few words can make you, or someone else feel better.

The way it works is this:

The content of Write ‘n’ Heal goes to the blog of Arz Hai. You can be anonymous or include your identity or use a pen name. Whatever suits you. The only thing you need to do is email; your content to [email protected] instead on posting it on the blog. Use the tag of “WnH” in the subject. Whatever identification name (or none) you provide in the main body of the email will be used for the post. No other information will be used. Your email id and other information will remain confidential.