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Dear friend hello!
Tell me how do you sleep
Through these cloudy nights in peace
I see your tranquil face
As it shifts through the sheets
The various sheets you have draped
Even in the coldest Nights
You seem so unfazed

I won’t break into your dreams
My dear, I am no thief
But I do envy your calm
and the warmth that I can’t feel
At once I can pervade
The shadiest of your spaces
But I am no intruder, mere silent observer
-An honest victim of the tilted fate

So dear human, tell me
Are you deaf to all the noise?
The shouts and the screams
-the reminder of our past?
Or maybe you are just a bit lost
In the guilt of your deeds?

Do you have no nightmares?
No recollection of our history?
Or have you too comfortably slipped into the characters of a new story?

While I am still stuck to our last encounter
And so the people that I see
You seem to be in a slumber too deep
How dear friend?
Don’t you feel me in the breeze?

I feel the biting winds tearing right into me
I stand there and still, it feels
Like a lost object silently waiting to be seen
But don’t you see my dear friend?
The way you had left.

Or have you stopped thinking about me?
So easily, dear friend.
Should I make myself visible for your senses to perceive?
But I have no human garb
And as I live with the loss
I see you enjoying your sleep

But I am no trespasser
Just a visitor in your realm
To remind you my friend to go hide your arms
For I may be dead
But you still are a killer at large!

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