Let’s begin with Alisha Phillips, the combination of psychology and writing. There are those who are appealing on the outside and then there are those who are appealing on the inside, she happens to be the latter. Don’t let her devil-may-care giggles fool you. She’s a cosmos of thoughts. An ocean of emotions and a novel of intellect.

  • Poet
  • Story writer
  • Explorer of the human psyche

Naveen Srivastava, the techie of the team. The man who knows it all. The inscrutable technocrat who makes sure all the ones and zeros are streamlined according to the situation. A perfectionist and a hard worker for whom emails are more important than his coffee. In simple words, a man who knows how to get the job done.

  • Engineer
  • Techie
  • Gallivanter
  • Secret Poet
  • Foodie
  • Father of a Humanoid

Ahmed Khan, is the future of the team. He is a young mind whose vision is way ahead of the rest of the team. With a “go-getter” and challenge accepting spirit, he doesn’t know how to say no. A treasure full of possibilities and skills, he takes Arz Hai to the next level.

  • Poet
  • Writer
  • Student
  • Music lover
  • Philosopher

Mohammad Yahiya

Mohd Yahiya, is a shayar and a romantic at heart. He is someone full of energy and is all about getting things done. A very social and active person, he puts his knowledge of media studies and tourism to best possible use.

  • Poet
  • Story Writer
  • Content writer
  • Media planner
  • Foodie

Sehar Siddiqui, the rational manager, and facilitator. She is a woman on a mission and does not rest until her job is done. Her analytical and managerial skills along with teaching experience together make a concoction of the highest quality.

  • Poet
  • Story Writer
  • Content Writer
  • Soft skills trainer
  • Teacher

Shlok Ranjan, who is the motivator and brains behind the show. Above everything else, he is an artist with a unique perspective on everything. If there is one thing he despises, is monotony and repetition. He is all about innovation, imagination, and hard work.

  • Poet
  • Artist
  • Animator
  • Designer
  • Photographer
  • Innovator