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दुनिया पे ऐसा वक़्त पड़ेगा कि एक दिन
इंसान की तालाश में इंसान जाएगा।

– फना निज़ामी कानपुरी

Translation :
“There will be a time in the world that one day,
Man (human) will go in search of man (human).”

This Urdu sher was probably written several decades ago, but it holds quite relevance in the
present times too. Today, with almost all of us being equipped with the smartest gadgets
humankind has ever known, and a super fast internet connectivity, we believe that we have
reduced the remoteness and communication gaps that had been prevalent since ages. All the
people we know or talk to or tend to know or talk to, are just a single click away. We believe that
we miss no thing which makes a civilization great & advanced.
With social platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Meet, Duo, Instagram, and Facebook, we are
now linked closely like never before. But it is not important how closely linked we are. What’s
important is, how much connected do we feel. Isn’t it ironical that despite having so many
emoticons depicting such a vast range of human emotions, that even humans were never
aware of, we still fail to convey our feelings to people while texting? Isn’t it a big problem that
one of the easiest tasks in this universe, that is conveying how you feel, has become such a
burdensome issue?

Well, if we look back in the past to realize what has caused this problematic change in our lives,
one reason we would all agree to is the replacement, the replacement of conversations with
chats. This slow yet steady grip that digital talks are taking over real conversations has actually
been beneficial in transferring facts and information, say about a particular incident, but not our
emotions and feelings. And this is why, conversations are such a necessity in today’s world, not
the digital chats.
Literature, and writers as a whole, have always served the mankind with emotions that were the
need of the hour. Be it the old age romanticism, first for God, then human beings and ultimately
for death during the times of World Wars. Literature has always brought catharsis to its readers
by functioning as an outlet of emotions which the general mass largely felt but was never able to
pen them down to relieve their minds.
As writers, we feel it is our responsibility to again bring to our readers what they unknowingly
miss out today; that is emotion.

With “Conversations”, Arz Hai is bringing to you a whole new concept of book writing and a newer
reading experience. A book which would emphasize on the art of having conversations, rather
than chats. A book which would tell the importance of responding to people’s feelings rather
than just reacting and replying. A book to teach you about many more ways of showing love than
just reacting “love” on one’s status.
“Conversations” is about making bonds. It might not teach you how to make one, but it will surely
make you realize all those things that you had been missing since this pro-digital age came
into existence. It will, once again, bring emotions to paper and in our conversations, with no
emoticons but words from those souls who still believe in reading and exchanging emotions and
above all, building conversations.
This is a book about emotions; about love, life, happiness, friendship, joy, misery, heart breaks
and a lot more, served to you as conversations, short and long, but most importantly an
emotional connection between you and we, between our writers and the readers, between
humans, between us.

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