Posted on: September 20, 2020 Posted by: Tina Aswani Comments: 0

She stands firm and in isolation,

In the extraordinary waters of the river,
Sometime before the dawn,
Purifying her spirit,
Lost in the trees,
And developing leaves,
Feeling the moderate calming breeze,
Hearing each ounce of water beads,
Feeling the heaviness of carrying pain,
And memories of the past,
Cried underneath the eyes of wind,
Transforming her firmness into,
Various beautiful pearls,
Thinking how she endures all through,
That decorates her crown,
As the stars revealed to her past stories,
The blossoms altered their course of bloom,
The fondness and confidence,
Added glimmer to her soul,
She is fragile to make the setback opaque,
But intense to clear out tidal waves,
The stream called her name in the night,
She is a boom of light,
Amidst the dull dream,
She is a truth of renaissance with daylight,
Her cover of confidence,
Is the thing that mends light,
For her motivation and her assistance of others,
The nature conceals sensitive living animal and similarly,
Her character and motivation cover away her scars,
She couldn’t convey an ordinary life,
With the enigmas of the universe,
Thus chose to stick out
She isn’t any increasingly a bloom with evaporated petals,
Be that as it may, sprouting, developing, thriving blossom.

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