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Wordscloud presents The Night Mic S3 E3!

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

George Addair

A new year has begun. New stories have begun spinning into existence with blinding speed. Questions of what this year is going to be like are getting obsolete with every single day that passes. And yet, we aren’t over 2020 yet. There are many stories to tell, many memories to relive, many moments to capture, and many lessons to share. Some of those stories and life lessons what we experienced during the last year, were shared by some of Arz hai’s friends. The first participant, Aayushi, gave us hope. With her words she helped us build optimism in our minds about the previous year and for the coming years as well! She was followed by Vivek who shared from her personal experience which expounded for us the importance of observing the world around us, the people around us and to give them time.

Next was Jyotirmayee who narrated a fantasy story which was inspired by the year 2020. The story was wondrous, surreal, and took us to planets other than our own! Megha was our next participant who opted to share her stories in the form of poems. Her refreshing poems coupled with her melodious voice reminded us how important it is to look at the good things in life, once in a while.

The last participant was Rahul. She narrated a story with the most intriguing ending! The fact that he did not share with us what the ending of his story was, became the x-factor which we relished. The story was narrated beautifully, and he engaged the audience with his dramatic way of storytelling. If you wish to watch the episode and listen to these amazing people, you can simply click here.

Wordscloud presents The Night Mic Season 3 has many episodes coming up which can make your Saturday night a relaxing one and can ready you for the next week’s tedious days.  

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