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Note by editor: This story is an original submission and has not been edited.

Clumsy Clown was planning to shift to the city, seeking a new job where he could entertain people and earn more money. He hardly could afford to manage a two square meal by entertaining people at the country side. After all, the audience earned the least penny to pay him with. Clumsy Clown had a red nose on which rested a pair of broken glasses. He had no money to get them repaired. The audience thought that he used a red ball on his nose as a prop for entertaining them but lesser did they know that his nose was red in real. Years back, when he was a small child, he was fascinated by the jokers in the city and wanted to be a joker in future but his dad won’t agree. The latter wanted his son to do a decent job because the profession of his choice offered less.
Thus he pressed his nose with a pair of pliers and twisted it round and round and round to make it how it looked today. The haphazard circulation of blood which took place by all this twisting and turning of veins inside his nose gave him this red-nose look. Whenever he wept for his poor financial condition, blood would spill out of his nose through different small pores making it look like a blood sprinkler. He then used to roll out his extra long tongue in order to catch the dripping drops of blood so as to compensate for the loss of blood. He thus looked like a dehydrated dog in summers that would lick his nose and adjoining area whenever he used to weep.
Clumsy Clown took a train which used to move in a very haphazard way. The engine used to push the train from behind and the compartments would derail every now and then. The first, which was in fact the last compartment for instance, when derailed, the engine would detach itself from the last, which was in fact the first compartment and would then go and attach itself to the derailed last compartment and bring it to the first that is the last position. The cycle continued until the engine came at the front but because this was not how it meant to function, that is, the engine was meant to be attached at the end, it would again go back at the end and the vicious cycle continued. Clumsy Clown noticed he was sitting infront of just one mountain since last one hour so he went to inquire the crew about it. He stood up from his seat but as he couldn’t see properly through his broken glasses, he bumped his left toe in an outward bulging piece of iron which scrapped off his left toe nail from his toe. Clumsy Clown began to cry and the blood started spilling out of his sprinkler nose and he laid out his tongue in order to hold back the dripping drops of blood. The children and other passengers in the train laughed at this act so hard that they forgot the tragic train. One of the children tried reaching out to his face and Clumsy was happy to see someone coming forward to wipe off his tears but the innocent child actually pulled out his hand to grab and pull his nose which he found to be very fascinating. This again caused pain to Clumsy and he repeated his dehydrated doggish act which caused a fresh wave of laughter among the passengers. Clumsy felt asleep after crying for half an hour.
Nevertheless, the train finally reached the destination and Clumsy found out that he had lost his luggage while sleeping in the train. Tired and exhausted, the Clown slept on the roadside. The only good thing that happened to him in the whole traumatic row was his night dream. He dreamt of sleeping under a tree, the tip of whose leaves were dropping dew drops in his mouth to quench his thirst. The dew drops tasted a bit sour, contrary to the pre established romanticized notion of them being sweet in taste. He only woke up to find two policemen beating a mad man who went urinating around in public.
Days went by and Clumsy could hardly entertain people laughing and cracking jokes. Then one fine day, as soon as he entered upon the stage, he saw a wall clock which actually moved anti-clockwise. This fascinated him a lot and he went on to have a closer look at the wall clock. The hour clock suddenly stuck 12, two small doors opened up; a bird came out and hit his nose. This again hurt Clumsy Clown and he began to cry. The audience burst with laughter after seeing his sprinkler nose and the long tongue which came out licking his nose. Clumsy stood and observed people around him. He saw them laughing madly while he was just weeping for his pain. That very moment taught him a lesson; that the world doesn’t laugh with you but rather on you. The world doesn’t find pleasure when you narrate something funny with a smiling face but rather when you wail in pain. He learnt that in order to make a living, he must weep and cry and be sad because that only would put a smile on the face of others.

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