Posted on: August 22, 2018 Posted by: Abhishek Chowdhury Comments: 0

Everyday is a struggle
A challenge
A tussle with oneself
Mornings are unwelcoming
Evenings are diseased
My soul is a patient
Drugged with ‘Numbness’
Emotions seems to ooze out from my skin
As I perspire
My mind is ‘Heartless’
And Heart ‘Thoughtless’
The Shivery winds
Out there
Has frozen my tears
I am drowning in the Ocean of Distress
Depressed with the mere
Thought of my existence
There seems to be no alternative left at all
Darkness is
What prevails everywhere
Even the drab ocean floor
Reveals unexpected sights
The shackle breaking hope
Buried deep in the oblivious layers of mind
‘Is Fainting to abstractions
With the real world’
Unproductive and unpleasant intellections
Are routinely reinforced
And the thundery roaring waves
Carry the venomous dreams
That is killing the unconscious me
That taught me
How to live
A slight current of Intoxication
And it feels as if I am flying
But they don’t provide
A convenient justification to the
The turbulence
That continues to get stronger
Every second
Demolishing my psyche
During such fearsome state of affairs
The only path left
To seek alleviation
Is to ultimately breath in death.
But would this end my pain
Or would it be passed on
To the people I love

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