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Chapter head, Saket, is a lawyer by profession and a writer by passion. He finds pleasure in interactions with new people and also someone who makes trendy style statements. He is an artist with magic running through his veins.

This world, as I see it, is a library.

-Saket Srivastava

We have in it books that breathe and beat and read too. Amongst zillions of such scripts was scripted a wordless pile of sheets, ‘ME’.

Me is as said, wordless and vast when you look at. It is white, empty and miles long journey to walk. Though there is a lot of intellect in the translucence of this emptiness, a lot of ink that holds stories from all the books around.

Me was born with a face of art but a mind that had science and its working in senses, and a lot of absorption spirit for psyche. Me was grown in a land of laws and hence now holds up to practice and preach it.

As Law runs in the bibliography of it’s being, me is sure to create a new realm with it’s power to the access of hearts.
Me reads the hearts as they come to me to be read and makes a better read for them to see in the mirror. Me is truly a friend to rely on though an impatient one, for like the many reached by now me holds more in sight to be reached.

Me writes what it reads in you and me sees the world as new..

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