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Confluence of the tranquility of Prayag and the heartiness of Delhi, she is Nikita Kaushik born in Allahabad, and working from last 4 years in Delhi.
Nikita is a senior employee in Delhi Metro and knows very well how life runs faster than metro yet she knows to make way for her writing in the busy schedule. Words are so much liked by her, that she can not imagine her day passed without reading something or writing a short poem.

Occupation/course– Post Graduate in Psychology; Working in Delhi Metro as a part of Anti-fraud team.

Inspiration- It’s almost impossible to think of one thing which doesn’t inspire me. But, nature inspires me the most. The beauty, the mystery, the spark nature contains in it, inspires me to write.

Publications– None yet

What is poetry to me? – For me, poetry is like a parallel world. A world, which I can create, where I can find the haven of my imaginations. Poetry is home to me, which gives me comfort from the brutality called life.

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