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“ज़िन्दगी की धूप में नंघे पाँव वाली बेवजह दौड़ से रंजिश में हूँ…
एक मरती हुई कलम को आखिरी साँस देने की कोशिश में हूँ।”

– Nidhi Singh

A Budding Doctor on the outside. A Hibernating Poet inside.

These words define the mess of reality and abstract that Nidhi Singh is. It’s funny how someone who talks so much can still find a need to indulge in more ways to express her thoughts. From a very young age, she has enjoyed the art form as an expression of her inner self, ranging from prose to poetry to drawing to dance.

Nidhi is currently beginning the pursuit of an undergraduate degree, having recently completed her schooling in the sciences. She aspires to become a medical practitioner, and wants to put herself in a position to be able to make a positive change in the lives of as many people as she possibly can.

In her free time she tries (and fails) to not mess the already messed up world, read novels, and listen to people talk about whatever they are passionate about.

Occupation/course– Medical Student

Inspiration- Everything. Right from the first bud of a wallflower beginning to open, to the exploding ancient stars, everything inspires me to write.
Every second breath that I take and every void in the middle conspires me to become a poet.

Every little and big event, every abstract and mundane thought inspire me.

My whole life, inspires me, to become a poet.

Publications– None

What is poetry to me? -Poetry to me is an outlet of my darkest, deepest and purest thoughts. A form that lives and breathes and at times understood. A free flowing river.. It’s beauty. It’s calm. It’s a tornado forming, rushing to rule over the world. And at times, it is me.

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