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This anthology has a simple foundation: Love. Love victorious over hate is a concept known to mankind for centuries and we still find it extremely difficult to follow it. This book celebrates humanity and all its good virtues. It is currently open for participation. To participate, click here.

About the genre: Open letters to Love.

Open letters are very powerful tools that have influenced and will keep influencing the mind of people. Open letters are letters written to either an individual or to a group but are meant to be read by many. Here, an open letter can be written to love as an idea, love as a feeling, love as a person, or love as an experience. The letter can be addressed to anyone, or anything, just as long as the theme is covered which is to write on why love is important and how love wins over hate. The main idea is to bring the world a little closer, make it a little better place to live in. Soldiers do that with weapons, writers do it with a pen. Write on love, share the love.

We encourage writing in both English & Hindi. We only ask, that if you choose to write in Hindi, please send your entire content in Hindi, including your name and bio.

We offer:

  • Writer experience e-certificate
  • Free paperback author’s copy
  • Writer promotion
  • Special book launch

For any further questions, DM us on +91 9580931510 or on +91 7081869578
Compilers: Nikita Kaushik and Ayush Dubey

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