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Think of a life without “Food” or think of a life where you have to plough your field and sow your seeds under a scorching sun and harvest it when its time. One mistake and all your crops are ruined. But there are people who do that for us (even now, while you are reading this). They go through every thick and thin to provide us “Food” and they get nothing worth it in return.  We call them “Kisaan (Farmers)”;

Wordcloud presents The Night Mic Episode 2 Season 3 was a tribute to our Kisaan (Farmers) who are the epitome of patience, dedication, perseverance and excellence.

Our Panchayat began with Shashi Bhartiya; who maturely expressed the fiendish working conditions of our farmers. Her use of imageries were encased perfectly in the rhyming chord that painted a evocative journey of a farmer’s selfless life with colors describing conspicuous issues like pecuniary burden and suicide. Pali Tripathy, in her melodious voice, sung a song to express her gratitude to the mother land and to the ‘hands that strive to feed us’. Not only she managed to hold and sustained the high tone but also her lyrics reflected a farmer’s internal thought processes vividly.  Anupam Srivastav joined us, to recite his finest poems about the inevitable sufferings and social situations of farmers. We experienced countless emotions surfed inside all of us because of his enormous potency to put a farmers’ feeling into words which left us all motivated to bring a change. Arohi Saxena with her symphonious voice dedicated a song to our farmers.  To give this episode a graceful end Rishabh; a visionary, delivered an amazing speech and provided us a whole new outlook.  His idea to ‘recognize farmer’s contribution by inviting them as guest to our events to help them generate new source of income’ made a supreme impression on the audience.

With that our Panchayat was adjourned. As our very skilled and talented anchor Shruti Mishra mentioned; Night mic is a Sangam (confluence) of various talents; and so we are coming up with our next Episode on the 2nd January 2021, at 10:30pm with another confluence of Artists with remarkable talent, to celebrate ‘2020 Short Stories. Do follow us on Instagram @arz_hai_ to keep up with our upcoming Episodes.

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