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The dazzling sun shone bright on her,

She smiled at him again,

“Good morning”, she said,

Her eyes glimmering,

That dazzled him instead.

Who would have known,

What a fateful day,

Was upon the hour,

The evil grin of the visitor,

Loomed upon the flower.

He came closer,

A lurking tiger,

She danced, unaware,

What evil, what greed,

What darkness dripped off his stare.

He bent down,

And snatched her up,

Grinning, laughing hysterically,

Petal by petal he plucked from her,

And ripped her soul brutally.

Her screams vast and muted,

Her glimmer, her shimmer, only tears,

The clouds hid the sun from the scene,

Content, whispering among their peers.

When he was done,

He threw her on the ground,

Dreadfully chuckling away,

She lay there in pieces, waiting to wither,

While he walked proudly away.

From Arz hai:

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