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Standing at the helm of the ship

I took a leap of faith

Into the ‘Heart of the Ocean’

In an attempt to search for my lost identity.

Re-engineering the death of life

And trudging along the path from gory to glory

As ‘luck’ would have it.

Inter-weaving through spasms of irony and wit

Coming in and out of gripping emptiness

Struggling for meaning

Enshrouded in confusion.

A planned beginning or an unthinkable end

Have to surface like a ‘blue whale’ playing ball

The world can easily accept you a joker

But hardly will consider you a human

Shadows stalking every now and then

Whatever I imagined I tried to accomplish

The gap I tried to bridge

Which will surely cut out space

To hang on for the time being

In this foolhardy spin-top of blue-green dots

Amidst white-starred black background.

  • Aarathi Kanthamani

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