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Fear is what makes the world go round

Deep inside everyone’s heart, a fear can be found.

Suffocating our inner desires, fear has us bound;

Chasing us till our death, like a hound.


As children, we were not afraid to cry out loud

But soon learned to fear men all around.

The child feared the monster under the bed

But monsters inside people always surround.


As a child, we feared the unknown

As adults, we fear the people.

The unpleasant feeling triggered by danger

Fear is always lurking in the corner.


‘What would people say’ is always a bone of contention

Watching ourselves through others’ eyes is our detention.

The fear of criticism shatters one’s determination

Society’s view plays a major role in our decisions.


The fear of failure shook someone’s ambition

Somewhere fear of God gave birth to superstition.

Fear of elimination increased competition

And depression was born from the fear of isolation.


We stumble through our life living with our fears

Fearing even death when it draws near.

The cacophony of fear always echo in our ears

The weight of which our heart continuously bears.

  •  Mobani Biswas

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