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Both parents are very important. Generally, mothers care for you, nurture you, take care of your little demands, while fathers tend to be more involved in play activities, more specifically those that involve physical activity, sports and such. They take care of your big demands like your choice of toys or books, clothes etc.

However, there is a change in the way fathers take care of their children in the present times. They do much more hands-on caregiving now than they did a generation ago—changing diapers, getting up at night, taking children to the doctor, sharing drop-offs and pick-ups, and helping with homework.
Fathers can be caring as well as nurturing but at times they can be strict too.

They believe that their daughters will act responsibly and according to their upbringing. The relationship of a daughter with her father is all about taking care of the child’s feelings and emotions. She sees her dreams through the eyes of her father. She cannot assess the evil in the world until she sees it; until she experiences it. The strength, the fight, the power of the daughter develops in her because of the inner strength of her father who teaches her to tackle the misogyny that the world is full of.

Yes, a father is the first teacher of his daughter. He shows her the struggles of the world and how to win over it!

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