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“What! Did I read that correctly?”, you might ask yourself, and me.

“Yes, you did. ‘Coronavirus: the hero.’ As far as my imperfect little logic is concerned, it has been a hero in many ways”, I would respond. 

You: “It is killing people!”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

You: “It is causing fear!”

Me: “Indeed.”

You: “It is the source of so much loss in every way and of inconvenience to so many people!”

Me: “Anhan. I agree.”

You then would proceed to give me a soul-crushingly judgmental look. In fact, I can feel it right now while typing these words. Why then would I choose to commit such a crime?

Wee, the virus began with spreading its terror in a specific region of the world. Within its boundaries, it ran around wild and free. From one person to another, but within the boundaries of that specifically and carefully defined area. Who defined it? We did. The humans did. While we think that we have so much control over these defined areas, and our worlds, while we think that ‘this is yours and that is mine’, while we grapple over resources and money, there are certain things that we have absolutely no control over and many of those things know no boundaries. 

An illness spreading all over, from that one defined area to the entire globe, without any boundaries to enclose it, and with it is spreading fear and panic. The fear knows no boundaries either. I am probably as afraid as someone sitting in Africa and doesn’t know of my existence. In a way, hasn’t this threat united us? Aren’t we all feeling the same, going through the same ordeal? I feel as if I can empathise with the billions of people I don’t even know. I can feel what they must be feeling, how they must be trying to protect themselves. 

We have divided the world into so many bits, tinier and tinier, into so many trophies, bigger and bigger, that we might have forgotten that there are things that affect all of us. There are things that are universal. Fear, love, hate, happiness, anger, life, and death. There are many things we share without even taking a pause to think about it. 

The forces of nature don’t discriminate. Feelings, emotions, existence itself, does not discriminate. 

Why should we?

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