Posted on: December 3, 2017 Posted by: Shlok Ranjan Comments: 0

An Enchanting Evening was an evening wrapped in the coating of stories by Asif Khan Dehlvi, a celebrated storyteller, and the founder of Delhi Kaarvan. The evening stretched its sweet wings to the next day as well, with a Heritage Walk with Asif on to the grounds of Khusro Bagh. The enchantment stayed with the team and the audience for many days in the future.



It was a time which can be labelled as being “perfect”, in its own way. Stories are the best part of childhood, and to relive that with the tang of a rustic enigma added to it makes it even more delicious. This was the essence of the time spent with Asif Khan Dehlvi, the storyteller, and with the people of Allahabad.

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