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Have you ever been to a night out with some known and some unknown faces, talking over Coffee or Tea; listening to soothing Songs, Poems, Shayari, and Nazam, laughing and enjoying?

Well, Wordscloud presents The Night Mic Episode 1 Season 3 had such similar vibes; hosted by our very talented anchor Nidhi.

Our first episode of Season 3 began with Prashant Dwivedi, a complete talent package: a Poet, Writer, Law student and a Man of resonant euphonious voice, who took the audience to a musical trip with his superb musicianship giving a melodious start to the season. Just like a Candy Jar is jammed up with different flavors, similarly, our Episode had some amazing artists. It was our fortune to hear some heart touching Shaiyaris and Nazams by Maskhara; who had a distinctive yet splendid style of delivering his thoughts on some very relatable as well as some current burning social issues. To give us Goosebumps and a Patriotic rush to our veins, Shashi Bhartiya a young writer; made the audience enter a pensive state of mind as her words were so vividly and beautifully penned that it felt like a movie preview.  To add a different tang, our very prominent writer Abhishek Dutta Chowdhury joined us with his wonderful work with a theme of Self Victory during Pandemic with realistic and abstract expressions, he managed to incorporated both psychological as well as somatic elements to his work made us visualize that more or less we are all in a same boat but with different oar sailing in search for shore.

We also had the fortune of hearing some marvelous writers like; Mohammad Asad;Ek Aaam sa Ladka’ (Simple young lad) with an extraordinary power of winning hearts through his work which included some motivating, some very relatable and touching Shayaris penetrated straight into our hearts that audience effortlessly uttered “Wah! Kya baat hai!”  

An engineer, Nishant Srivastava’s Nazam expressed his journey of fighting all odds to lead his role in life. His creation was so beautifully interwoven with a thread of internal feelings and expression of natural elements. He had a wonderful ability to trace out his feelings which were so commonly there in all of us but were craving for an expression.

Lastly, we had Anupam Srivastava; notable, magnificent and a trilingual writer. His classic and fine use of Diction in his work added charm to the episode. His idea of fighting our own internal wars and winning to celebrate Vijay was expressed so beautifully and aptly.

Each artist did justice to the theme ‘Vijay Diwas’ and just like that our first episode winded up. Each artist filled the arch of our hearts with their vibrant and unique colors amalgamated to create an everlasting rainbow which will continue to conquer against the monochromatic world within us.

See you all at our next episode on the 26th of December, at 10:30am, which celebrates the kisaan who feed us all year round! Tune in on Instagram to @arz_hai_ to witness this amazing session!

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